Petra Hekkenberg graduated at the age of twenty from the bachelor Industrial Product Design at Saxion Hogescholen Enschede and began working as an Industrial Designer. Not long after, she started a second study at Design Academy Eindhoven. Petra specialized here in Public Space Design and with her graduation she received the Connection Award for excellent interpersonal skills. In 2012 she began working as a freelance designer. Her projects can be described as social design, often involving project management. Petra has always treasured the broad spectrum of life, and in 2014 she decided to focus on her volleyball career. When injuries ended this passion, she travelled to Namibia to volunteer as a project leader. Here she designed and build playgrounds with two local communities. In love with nature, Petra then moved to Canada, BC, and worked in the management of an Outdoor Retail Franchise. Since 2019 Petra proudly is a Permanent Resident of Canada. She currently works as a trip leader for Backroads, which allows her to combine her passion for the outdoors, people and design. Off-season Petra works on her own Design and Art projects. She is based out of the small town of New Denver in BC, which serves as her biggest inspiration ever since she first set foot there.